10 tips on how to form a winning team for your startup


10 tips on how to form a winning team for your startup

We all sometimes thought about what we would do if we had the opportunity to be bosses, make big decisions and run our own business. However, it is interesting that most people, when they find themselves in such an opportunity and start a startup, act completely differently from what they originally imagined.

This is especially true for hiring new workers, where instead of looking for perfect candidates, most often decide to hire the first free person who expresses interest due to lack of time, agrees to big compromises due to lack of budget for a more qualified worker or simply relies too much on recommendations. Although at first glance there is nothing wrong with that, time usually shows that it is not the best solution.

Starting a startup at the same time requires forming a quality team of employees to help you achieve your business goals. So, you are not hiring a worker just to fill a job, but you are building your own company. Therefore, you need to find professionals, and these 10 tips will help you with that.

1. Hire a person who has the skills needed for the job.
Startup founders tend to hire people who are not qualified for the job based on the candidates’ claims to learn quickly. This may work in large companies that offer training courses, however this is certainly not good for small firms that generally have a limited budget. Namely, candidates who have never done that job before will cost you precious time and money. The best solution is to hire a person who has already had experience in performing the same or similar jobs and possesses adequate knowledge and skills.

2. Choose candidates with a strong competitive spirit
In startup companies, changes happen quickly and new challenges are set before you every day. If you want to swim to the top and leave the competitors far behind, you will need a team that does not like to lose and that will give its maximum to beat the rival. Therefore, preference should be given to candidates motivated to achieve but also exceed the set goals. Well-formulated questions during job interviews regarding personal interests and hobbies can help you recognize these traits in potential employees.

3. Your vision must become theirs as well. It is impossible to talk about working in a startup company without talking about the vision. That is why it is important to highlight your goals in the best possible way. If you want people around you who will exceed your expectations, you need to get them to become part of your grand plan. When what you are striving for becomes their goal, it will significantly improve their motivation, and thus their performance. This is one of the things you need to talk about with your employees so that you can build a strategy from the beginning that will lead to the achievement of goals. Talented and professional staff will not waste time on unambitious projects, so it is up to you to make an effort and present your vision in the best and most interesting way possible.

4. Make your job ad compelling and enticing.
In the era of startups, the need for talented workers is growing. To ensure that your job ad is noticed in a sea of ​​others, the description needs to be detailed and interesting. It is important to point out what you are looking for, but also what you are offering, what is your mission, what is the work environment, what is the deadline for the realization of the planned plan and what kind of earnings can the employees expect. People who are professionals in their business do not want to spend time on incomplete ads, so if you do not provide all the necessary information, it is very likely that they will not even contact you.

5. Take care of your quality workers.
You try to constantly motivate your employees and set stimulating challenges in front of them. Your best advertisements are people whose careers have developed together with your company. They will help you build a positive image in the business world and look at your company with respect and admiration because you value and protect your employees. Quality staff will automatically attract other people of the same quality, because successful and talented workers want to work with someone similar to themselves since they can learn a lot.

6. Avoid monotony.
It is very important to gather people of different temperaments in your team and to support diversity. Imagine a team whose members are similar in every way, where everyone thinks the same way, does things according to an identical pattern and is guided by exactly the same things. There will simply be no room for creativity, and thus you are completely jeopardizing the development of your startup. No new ideas will be born, nor will employees have time to emulate and compare their work with others, which means that your company will stagnate as well.