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Think Innovative Hub

Whether you have been running a company for many years or are just starting your business journey, what will help you focus exclusively on your business is the opportunity to rent a business space tailored to the needs of the modern entrepreneur.

Join the global trend by working in our newly built facilities in Nis and Belgrade. Our modern offices are maintained daily and offer a variety of amenities, spread over 5200 sqm.

Easily accessible location

Our business facilities are situated in two locations: Belgrade and Nis.

When considering efficient logistics and rapid communication in all parts of our capital and central business event locations, the Belgrade Fair is a key location. Think Innovative Belgrade is situated in an office building across from the Fair, at Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 37/4. Bus and tram stops are located in front of the same building, and private parking is also available. You need not worry about finding a place to take a break; our dining rooms and common areas are always accessible to you and your guests, as well as a wide selection of coffees and beverages.

Our modern business facility in Nis is located at Bulevar Cara Konstantina 80-86, close to central city locations, yet separated from the rush and noise. The facility is easily accessible from all parts of the city and features a cafe and gym, so you can take a break or recreate in your free time without leaving this business oasis. Public transport stops are just minutes from the business premises, allowing you to reach us quickly from any part of the city. Additionally, free parking is available for you and your business associates. If you use a bicycle or moped instead of a car, the parking lot also offers specially marked spaces for them.

Focus and productivity

“Improving business requires improving the business space”. This was the vision during the design process of these coworking spaces and fully equipped private offices. The modern interior is complemented by ample natural light, making time spent in them even more enjoyable. Think Innovative Business Space not only offers fully equipped offices and cafes, but also additional facilities to enhance your work experience. 

This ensures that you can organize your workday however you see fit, setting our business space apart from others. Additionally, the buildings are surrounded by greenery, and if you’re not in the mood for a stroll, you can take a break on one of the terraces with your favorite coffee. By keeping up with these global business trends, your employees will increase their productivity, benefiting your company as a whole.


Our in-house events provide the opportunity to attend interesting lectures given by industry leaders and learn something new related to your field. You can also network and make new contacts that can benefit your business. In addition to professional lectures, we also offer the option to schedule team-building activities, meetups, trainings, workshops, and seminars. If you want to focus solely on business development and leave the hassle of finding and maintaining business space to us, you can reach out to us via email at office@thinkinnovative.rs to schedule a tour of our premises. If you’re satisfied with our business space, you can book your spot and move in whenever it’s convenient for you.


TEHNICOM is a private company founded on February 15, 1992, with its headquarters in Belgrade, and the founder is dr. Vladan Kovacevic. Currently, TEHNICOM GROUP operates with five successful companies in various industries. The mission and vision of the company were indicated and determined by the name itself, which refers to engineering, technique and technology, professionalism, correctness, hard work, perseverance, perseverance and knowledge.

TEHNICOM INFORMATIKA (Think Innovative brand holder)

Tehnicom Informatika was founded in 2009 in Nis. The company is engaged in the development and implementation of information / communication infrastructure of the company and the system. The main activities are software solutions, provision of engineering services, digitization and microfilming of paper documentation, as well as production and maintenance of fiscal devices. 

As a company that follows innovations in the world of entrepreneurship, we decided to mark this jubilee of EI Informatika and invest and create a new brand, which will give young people the opportunity to create their own companies, with great support and experience of TEHNICOM, creating a new brand within the company, called Think Innovative.


At TEHNICOM, innovation is a habit. Brainstorming is an everyday activity, and we infuse creativity into everything we do. Through our services and advice, we strive to foster innovation among our clients. The Think Innovative facility spans over 5200 sqm, designed to provide its members with a modern working environment that meets the highest standards and to offer support to aspiring entrepreneurs and their ideas right at the beginning of their business journey.


The nature of work and workplaces is constantly changing. Recruitment, retaining quality staff, innovation, and productivity now require more than just a break and coffee. They also require practice space, art installations, and other modern amenities. Think Innovative offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to motivate their employees and create a desirable work atmosphere through our content, ultimately raising employee productivity. However, having good space is only one of the factors necessary for success; we also focus on building community and creating synergy. Our idea is to connect people so that everyone can reach their goals faster and easier.

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