10 most wanted IT skills in 2019.


10 most wanted IT skills in 2019.

If you are looking for a new job, better earnings and working conditions, it is possible that you will start improving your skills and learning new ones. In addition, you will probably enjoy the change of work environment, as well as new acquaintances with people who work in the same or similar field.

The IT sector has been recording an increase in business opportunities for years, so more and more people are turning to one of the professions in this field. An additional advantage is that most of these positions offer the possibility of so-called. remote work, ie work via the Internet from the place that suits you best, so people use it to occasionally avoid the office and give themselves more freedom in work and time management.

In this text, we will show you what are the leading trends in IT for 2019 and we will help you determine in which direction your business development should move.
1. Blockchain is a type of database used in several areas of software engineering, and refers to cryptocurrencies. The demand for blockchain developers is increasing day by day, and the skills you need to possess are knowledge of the Python programming language, knowledge of mathematics and cryptography. Job ads of this type are mainly related to making tokens, require knowledge of ethereum and bitcoin, and it is desirable to have experience on the same or similar projects.
2. Machine Learning
Many believe that this is a skill that will only show its full potential, and it is indisputable that it is already at the very top of the most profitable. Machine learning can be used in almost every industry, including healthcare, finance, education and many other areas. In addition, www.myamcat.com/blog/amcat-concept/6-reasons-machine-learning-jobs-high-demand/organizacija claims that machine learning and artificial intelligence will reach their peak this year. Given that this is an area that is still developing, you will very often be expected to take the initiative and improvise.
3. Developing mobile applications
As more people use mobile and tablet devices to access the Internet, companies are finding different ways to improve their ranking in Google search and focus on mobile-first sites and applications. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, more than www.statista.com/topics/840/smartphones/ “of the world’s population will own a mobile phone. Some of the more popular applications for these devices are those that mix fiction and reality (augmented reality), such as Pokémon Go which has made a real boom all over the world.If you are not skilled in creating mobile applications, there are many online courses for Android and iOS that can help you improve your knowledge.

4. UI / UX design.
While UI (user interface) professionals work to make sites and applications visually appealing and easy to use, UX (user experience) specialists do a lot of research and testing to consider how clients will use the site. In order to get a quality final product, and examine every element of how potential customers will interact with the company, UX designers need to coordinate with developers and user interface designers. These skills are in high demand because beautiful, but at the same time functional sites are an indispensable ingredient in the recipe for attracting new users.

5. SEO marketing.
In order to improve their position in the online market and increase the visibility of their website, employers are very often looking for quality SEO / SEM experts. This is one of the areas whose popularity never wanes because higher visibility and better ranking in Google search means more conversions, and therefore more revenue. Knowing digital marketing can bring you plenty of work this year, but it can also benefit you if you decide to start your own business in the future because with SEO / SEM skills you can market and successfully build your brand.

6. Data visualization.
Data visualization helps to better understand them, turning numbers and tables into graphs that are clearer. So, for this job, you need to transform the data collected by analysts into a form that everyone can understand. Data visualization can help spot new trends that may not be easy to spot at first glance. As more and more data is collected from year to year, companies are very happy to hire individuals to do the visualization and thus save energy and time. One of the most popular software solutions for visual and high-quality data display is Tableau, so if you need to improve your knowledge, you can join hhttps: //community.tableau.com/welcome ”

7. Network and data security (CYBERSECURITY)
Every company that collects information about customers or has confidential data knows how important network maintenance is, because if there are “leaks” and breaches of privacy, it can be not only fatal for the company but also very expensive. Some of the world’s largest companies like Sony and LinkedIn have been targeted by hackers. The demand for people who can maintain network security at an enviable level is growing, and there are not enough professional staff. Fortunately for you, that means there is a gap in the market that you can fill. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, as many as 3.5 million jobs for cybersecurity will be created by learntocodewith.me/posts/cybersecurity/.

8. Social Media Marketing & lt.
Social networks are the best way to reach customers and communicate with them. However, it is not enough to just create an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. It is necessary to build a quality marketing strategy, but also to regularly respond to messages and inquiries sent to you by potential customers. Many companies offer jobs to social media marketers because they want help in increasing the number of conversions, reaching a wider audience, but also increasing customer awareness of their brand.

9. Creating video games.
This area is very broad and covers many aspects such as game concept, storytelling, graphic design and marketing. Whether you are into programming, marketing or graphic design, and you love video games, you will have the opportunity to find countless business offers on the Internet, including full-time and part-time positions. Developers are generally required to know the Unity game engine well, while graphic designers must keep up with world trends to create tempting and modern games.

10. Data Science.
The ultimate goal of this area is to use the collected data on complex audience behaviors, leading trends in a creative way that can contribute to improving our business and taking smarter business steps. For example, Netfix and HBO are changing movie viewing patterns to determine what is driving user interest and are using this as a guide in creating their original series. This area includes mathematical and technological skills, but also the development of business strategy based on the information gathered.

Whether you are pursuing one of the above skills, or are just entering the IT sector and are still looking for a profession that suits your affinities, you will also need to improve your business environment and find one that will further motivate you. More and more IT people decide to work in some of the hubs, ie. coworking space, because this concept allows the expansion of business contacts, offers a modern space and allows you to concentrate on work. Thus, Think Innovative, in addition to renting offices, also offers the use of a gym and cafe for moments of rest and relaxation, and you will find us in Nis at Bulevar Cara Konstantina 80-86.