How to improve productivity?


How to improve productivity?

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you just can’t focus on what you’re doing because something is constantly distracting you? The increasing use of technology, both at work and in everyday life, helps a lot, but at the same time it pays off, believe it or not. In addition to the constant ringing of the phone, the arrival of messages or emails, it is sometimes difficult to concentrate on what we are doing, let alone increase productivity.

However, technological aids are not the only thing that can reduce our productivity. You will be surprised to learn that by applying simple “tricks” you can increase your productivity as much as three times, as evidenced by numerous studies. One of the most famous bloggers who is researching how to improve their abilities, Steve Pavlin has managed to increase his efficiency from 25% of real productivity to over 90%.
Here are tips on how you can easily increase concentration and productivity at the same time:
Create a “to-do” list
Perfect timing is very important for most things you do, whether it’s business or personal. What can help you be more efficient in fulfilling your obligations is the creation of the so-called “to-do” lists at the beginning of the day with a time limit for each. This way you will set priorities and focus on the goals that really matter to you.

Don’t set yourself too high goals. Imagine looking at a calendar full of big projects that need to be completed. You will agree that such an image will demotivate you in the beginning, and thus reduce your chances of success.
What you can do is divide each large project into smaller units and thus divide the work into several days. You will certainly enjoy it much more when, at the end of the day, you can write under each item that the task has been completed than counting down the days to the deadline, wondering if you will still manage to finish everything.

Take breaks
As we are all very different, the same pace of work cannot suit everyone. Although at first glance it will seem that it is better to work for a longer period of time in order to perform as many tasks as possible, in most cases it will turn out to be very wrong.
Research has shown that taking breaks increases productivity as well as your mood. Treat yourself to the pleasure of drinking coffee, or a short walk around the office, because a break of 5 or 15 minutes will not jeopardize any project, right?

Learn to say NO
Although at first glance it seems rude, both at work and in everyday life, it is very important to distance ourselves from things that negatively affect us and know when to draw the line and say NO. The next time you are hesitant about rejecting a request that you know is unrealistic to meet within that time, remember that every “yes” to an unrealistic request is at the same time a “no” to your free time that you honestly deserve.

Instead of categorically rejecting such a request and turning out to be rude, you can use a trick and formulate the sentence so that it gets a more tempting context. In that case, you can say, for example, “Yes, I’ll do the job, but first I have to finish the project I’m currently working on.” In this way, you will be able to fight for your position, without offending anyone.

Surround yourself with people who spend their time wisely.
Many successful people will tell you that one of the most important factors for success is the people you are surrounded by. And indeed, if you spend more time with productive and enterprising people, you will have much more motivation and energy to complete your tasks on time and fulfill more goals. If you are in an environment that does not attach too much importance to self-improvement and learning, you will inevitably stagnate or even forget what you knew before. That is why it is not surprising that more and more people are leaving their monotonous jobs and going to to start their own business.

Your productivity can also be affected by things in your environment, such as the colors that surround you, the warmth of light, decoration, and the like. Now that you know how you can improve your organization for increased efficiency, take a look at your workspace. If you do not have the desire to achieve new successes, it is time for great preparation and relocation!