Sign up and join the TI Hub community


Sign up and join the TI Hub community

Since its opening until today, the Think Innovative Hub has gathered 80 tenants! We are continuously working on its improvement, listening to the needs, adapting and trying to better organize the space.

When the idea of ​​starting Think Innovative arose, our goal was not only for Nis to have a modernly equipped, shared office space – but also to start and build a community in which knowledge sharing and creating new ideas are valued. A common place where we redefine success measured by personal fulfillment.

And together with our tenants, we began to share this vision. And together with our tenants, we find new ways to improve the space and make it happen.
In the past two months, the number of tenants in TIHub has practically tripled
This rapid growth has brought with it a couple of technical, logistical and cultural challenges and problems that we could not have foreseen in advance. We share with you some of them:

People were not familiar with open office culture
Tenants did not communicate enough with each other, networking was weak
We did not have a stable enough internet connection

  • The tenants did not have a channel of communication with TIHub staff

    In the meantime, we introduced some solutions, tested with our existing tenants, validated the assumptions and got great positive feedback. Thanks a lot for that!
    What we want to work on now is to gather as many people as possible by the end of this year who will test the space and new solutions encountered by people working in coworking spaces – completely free for a month. And to customize them!

    Break down our processes and stifle our work flow! 🙃

    Help us and other tenants to learn something new together, improve TI Hub and be better.

    Test our vision of the hub as a place where it is valued, stimulated and encouraged to share knowledge and experiences, create new ideas – not just on paper.

    The service of using the coworking space is available to all who are interested, and the promo period is valid until the end of the year. Try it for a month completely free of charge and after that you can decide whether to continue using it.

    We invite all interested to apply and to:

    Help us “break down” together and improve the TI Hub
    To test the benefits of working in a shared space
    You are testing TI Hub’s vision as a solution to your remote, freelance business or work from home.
    Fill out the application, apply and join the TIHub community
    a month for free!